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We work with each client on an individual basis to ensure that we provide cost-effective services and flexible payment options. For most clients, our services can only be rendered on an as-needed basis, and as a result, the best measure is the number of hours worked. In unique circumstances, contingency fees or blended contingency and hourly fee arrangements may be appropriate. We will review the appropriate fee structure with you at the time of intake.

We are also proud to offer flat fee pricing for small business matters. A complete listing of the services we offer on a flat fee basis can be found here.

We work closely with clients to find the most efficient payment method. We can submit our invoices by regular or electronic mail, or work with in-house counsel management software. We typically accept payment by check or ACH transfer. For those who would prefer to pay by credit card, we can send an electronic payment link.

Foos & Lentz, LLP


Foos & Lentz, LLP

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They are the very best!! Don’t worry day and night about a legal matter, such as an employment issue. After my consultation with Mary, I left feeling like all the stress had been lifted off my shoulders. They sent me updates with every development as it occurred. In a few weeks they had the job done, an excellent settlement in a short time. If you need someone to care about you and work for you, call Mary. Extremely satisfied.

Rich Bowers

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