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Law Firm Gottschlich & Portune Announces New Name

Dayton Attorneys Announce Name Change

The law firm of Gottschlich & Portune, LLP, has changed its name to Foos & Lentz, LLP.

The new partners and owners are Martin A. Foos and Mary E. Lentz. Though the name has changed, the firm will still be guided by the same principles that have been driving Gottschlich & Portune for the last two decades. For over twenty years, the lawyers of Foos & Lentz have served the community, litigating and advocating for entrepreneurs, businesses, employers, individuals, clients with appeals, injured people, and more in Southwest Ohio.

The firm’s ownership and leadership transition has been a careful multi-year process. “We’re proud of the institution that Gary Gottschlich and Buzz Portune created,” explains attorney Martin A. Foos. “But as they continue towards retirement, and we begin to implement new growth initiatives, we are excited to have the firm name represent our outstanding actively practicing partners.”

To discuss our name change, contact us at (937) 913-0200 or visit for more information.


Gottschlich & Portune, LLP is now the law firm of Foos & Lentz. We look forward to working with you regarding your legal needs.