Personal Injury

Do I Need an Attorney After my Accident?

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If you have recently suffered injuries in an accident, you may already feel like you have enough people with whom to deal. Doctors, surgeons, specialists, insurance agents, and police have been asking you questions for days, weeks, or longer. You may feel you do not want to add one more person to the list in the form of a personal injury attorney.

What you may not realize is that having a legal representative may relieve you of the burden of answering many of those confusing questions. Personal injury attorneys have critical experience dealing with the aftermath of an accident. Not only will an attorney assist you in obtaining a fair settlement from the insurance company, but he or she can also allow you to focus on your recovery, while gathering the documentation necessary for a potential civil claim.

The Benefits of Having a Personal Injury Attorney

An accident resulting from someone else’s recklessness or negligence has left you paying the price. Not only are you suffering with physical injuries, but you are likely missing work and certainly dealing with mounting medical bills. An offer of a quick payment from an insurance adjuster may seem like an answer to a prayer, but are you sure it will be enough to cover your expenses in the long run? An attorney can help you determine how much is a fair settlement.

Other areas in which an attorney can benefit you after an accident include the following:

  • Assistance with the paperwork you may have to complete for doctors, insurance, law enforcement, etc.
  • Accessing resources for investigating your accident
  • Accessing experts in the medical field
  • Experience dealing with other attorneys, the court system and Ohio insurance laws
  • Skill at negotiating for a fair settlement
  • Advice on the chances of a successful lawsuit against the other driver
  • Aggressive representation of your case in trial, or during negotiations or mediation

While a personal injury attorney will fight for your best interests, he or she can also offer an objective and unemotional perspective. You may be fighting through pain from your injuries, frustration over your incapacity, and confusion about the best course of action. Having someone to offer appropriate advice based on knowledge and experience may prevent you from making a rash decision, such as accepting a quick settlement, that may hinder your recovery and be detrimental to your future.


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